TIFR M.Sc Entrance Test Chemistry Written Test Syllabus / TIFR Physics Syllabus / TIFR Mathematics Paper Syllabus/TIFR Ph.D Screening Test Syllabus

Mathematics :-
Main Topics of Mathematics - Algebra, Analysis, Geometry, Topology, General.
The screening test is mainly based on mathematics covered in a reasonable B.Sc Course. The interview need not not be confined to this.
Pattern of Mathematics Test - The test paper will contains 30 questions of True/False type, 8 each from Algebra, Analysis, Geometry/Topology & 6 of General Type. The duration of the test will be 90 minutes. 

Physics :-
Main Topics of Physics - Classical Mechanics, Mathematics relevant to Physics, Electricity & Magnetism, Quantum Mechanics, Heat, Thermodynamics & Statistical Physics, General Physics, Modern Physics, Electronics & Experimental Physics. 
TIFR M.SC/Ph.D Entrance Test Syllabus
Chemistry :-
Main Topics of Chemistry - Physical Organic, Inorganic, analytical, electro & quantum chemistry, bio-physics, thermodynamics, spectroscopy (NMR, Fluorescence, IR, UV & X-Ray), Logic & Statistics & mathematical methods.
The syllabus for the written test in chemistry is similar to the typical standard syllabus followed in any Indian University for the B.Sc & M.Sc Degree Course.

Computer & System Science :-
Main Topics of Computer Science - Discrete Mathematics, Formal Language, Data Structure & Algorithms, Fundamentals of Programming Language & Compilers, Operating Systems & Concurrency,Switching Theory & Digital Circuits, Theory of Database.
Main Topics of System Science - Engineering Mathematics, Electrical & Computer Science.
Pattern of Computer & System Science - The question paper will have three parts. Part A is common to both stream. It will test the general mathematical aptitude of the candidate. There is no prescribed syllabus for part-A. Part-B will be oriented towards the listed topics under "Computer Science" above & Part-C will be oriented towards topics listed under "System Science" above. Only one of the part-B or C should be attempt. The duration of the question paper will be three hours.The test will be of multiple choice type with negative marking for incorrect answers. 

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