HSSC steno typist GK questions
                                   HSSC Post Gk Questions 

1. Which country in SAARC has the highest GDP (PPP) per capita ? 
[A]Sri Lanka

 2. Which among the following is highest urbanized country? 

 3. Under which project India is developing guided missile destroyers? 
[A]Project 20B 
[B]Project 15B 
[C]Project 75B 
[D]Project 40A

 4. The Titanium sponge is an ideal material to produce?
 [A]Aircraft manufacture
 [B]Mobile phones 
[C]Electronic items 
[D]Automobiles making 

 5. Who has been awarded with Kalashree Award by the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Foundation?
 [A]Jaya Prada 
[B]Jaya Bachchan 
[C]Kareena Kapoor 
[D]Shriya Saran 

 6. Recently, the first meeting of BRICS environment ministers was held in ______?
 [A]New Delhi 

  7. Who is the author of the novel “All the Light We Cannot See”?
 [A]Anthony Doerr 
[B]Laila Lalami 
[C]Richard Ford
 [D]Joyce Carol Oates 

 8. BRICS countries account for what fraction of global GDP? 

 9. Christopher Alan Bayly, who passed away, recently was a famous___? 
[A]Actor [B]Historian

 10. In which country Asia African Business Summit kicked off on 21 April 2015? 
[A]Sri Lanka

ANSWERS-(1)b (2)a (3)b (4)a (5)a  (6)c (7)a (8)b (9)b (10)c


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