HSSC exam GK questions

                                            HSSC GK questions
1. Which state of India is known for highest per capita alcohol consumption?
[C]Tamil Nadu 
[D] Telangana 

2. World Earth Day is observed on which of the following days? 
[A]April 20 
[B]April 21 
[C]April 22 
[D]April 23

3. Recently, the European Union has proposed a 10 point action plan to stem ___? 
 [B]Migrant crisis
 [C]Child labour
 [D]Woman harassment

  4. The 13th United Nations congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice was concluded in ____? [A]Doha, Qatar
 [B]Tokyo, Japan 
[C]Mumbai, India
 [D]Shanghai, China

 5. As of 2015, how many Presidents of China have been conferred with the Pakistan’s highest civilian award Nishan-e-Pakistan?

 6. The Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action is a declaration related to ____?
 [A]Human Rights
 [B]Woman Empowerment
 [C]Global Warming
 [D]Whales Protection 

7. Which bank announced the launch of “Tap n Pay” new innovative NFC (Near Field Communication) based contactless payment system?
 [A]Axis Bank
 [B]HDFC Bank
 [C]ICICI Bank
 [D]Corporation Bank

 8. The Pollution Management and Environmental Health (PMEH) program has been launched by which of the following bodies? 
[A]United Nations
 [B]World Bank
 [C]Asian Bank
 [D]European Union 

 9. Janaki Ballabh Patnaik, who died recently, was a former chief minister of which state? 
 [C]West Bengal 

 10. Which state recently launched the campaign ‘Subodham’ to help people overcome alcohol, drug abuse? [A]Kerala
 [C]Madhya Pradesh

ANSWERS-(1)b (2)C (3)b (4)a (5)c (6)a (7)c (8)b (9)b (10)a


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