HSSC Clerk GK questions
                                   HSSC Exam Questions

1. Which country generates highest per capita e-waste? 

2. Which of the following is Indian navy’s biggest guided missile destroyer? 
[A]INS Visakhapatnam 
[B]INS Paradip
 [C]INS Marmagoa
 [D]INS Kolkata 

 3. Who among the following has won the 2015 Bahrain Grand Prix?
 [A]Lewis Hamilton
 [B]Kimi Raikkonen 
[C]Nico Rosberg 
[D]Valtteri Bottas

4. Which is the highest e-waste generating country in Asia? 
[D]North Korea 

5. Karot hydroelectric project is located in which country? 

 6. E-Samiksha is an online project monitoring system launched by ____? 
[A]Indian Railways 

 7. In which country a boycott Andaman and Nicobar Island campaign was launched? 

8. The NTCA has recently declared which two national parks as tiger reserves? 
[A]Kudremukh and Rajaji 
[B]Ratapani and Sunabeda 
[C]Guru Ghasidas and Rajaji 
[D]Rajaji and Sunabeda

 9. India is implementing “Capacity Building for Industrial Pollution Management (CBIPM)” project with the support of __?
 [A]Asian Development Bank 
[B]Japan Central Bank 
[C]World Bank 
[D]Reserve Bank of India

10. The campaign Call to Action for TB free India aims to make country Tuberculosis free in how many years? 

ANSWERS-(1)b (2)a (3)a (4)c (5)c (6)a (7)b (8)a (9)c (10)b


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