HSSC post GK questions
                               HSSC Exam GK questions

(1)Granitew is an example of
(a)sedimentary rock
(b)Igneous rock
(c)Metamorphic rock
(d)None of these

(2)The surfacec temperature of the sun is about

(3)Which of the following is responsible for the energy release by stars?
(a)Nuclear Fission
(b)Nuclear Fusion
(c)Chemical Reaction
(d)Gravitational Collapse

(4)Which bacteria is helpful in formation of curd from Milk
(b)Staphilo Coccus

(5)Which of the following animal breathes through the skin?

(6)Oxidation is defined as
(a)gain of electron
(b)loss of electron
(c)gain of proton
(d)loss of proton

(7)Cathode rays are
(a)electromagnetic wave
(b)stream of alpha particle
(c)Stream of electron

(8)Which part of an internal combustion engine mixes petrol or gas with air?
(d)Fuel filter

(9)Which planet of our solar system does not have a solid surface

(10)Power and energy have different units of measurment.What is the unit based for energy?
(a)Watt per minute
(b)Kilowatt per hour
(c)Watt hour

ANSWERS-(1)b (2)c (3)b (4c (5)a (6)b (7)c (8)c (9)d (10)b


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