HSSC Exam gK questions

                                                HSSC Exam GK questions

(1)1. Which committee was constituted to examine drug approval procedure? 
[A]P N Tandon committee 
[B]V M Katoch committee
 [C]Aggarwal committee
 [D]Pandey committee 

 2. Which state of India is considered as cradle of modern Polo? 

3. With which country India signed a MoU on the establishment of the Academic Chair in Ayurveda?
 [C]Sri Lanka 
[D]South Korea

 4. Which country became first in the world eliminate mother-to-baby HIV transmission? 

 5. NASA’s New Horizon probe has confirmed the presence of frozen methane on which of these bodies? [A]Jupiter

 6. As per NSSO report, which state has recorded highest literacy rate?
[B]Andhra Pradesh

 7. Which one of the following correctly represents the world’s top three largest mobile operators?
 [A]China mobile, Vodafone and Airtel 
[B]Vodafone, China mobile and Airtel 
[C]Vodafone, Airtel and China mobile 
[D]Airtel, China mobile and Vodafone 

 8. The Rodriguez Triple Junction is a geological junction in which ocean? 
[A]Indian Ocean 
[B]Bay of Bengal 
[C]Pacific Ocean 
[D]Antarctic Ocean 

 9. Who has been voted as best test player of 21st century? 
[A]Kumara Sangakkara
 [B]Sachin Tendulkar 
[C]Adam Gilchrist
 [D]Ricky Ponting 

 10. Who has been appointed as Kerala’s brand ambassador for Ayurveda? 
[A]Steffi Graf 
[B]Venus Williams
 [C]Caroline Wozniacki 
[D]Martina Navrati

ANSWERS-(1)b (2)b (3)a (4)b (5)c (6)a (7)a (8)a (9)b (10)a


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