HSSC post GK questions

                                   HSSC post GK questions

(1)One bite is a collection of
(a)100 bites
(b)18 bites
(c)1 bit

(2)Personal computer is an example of
(a)Main frame computer
(b)Mini computer
(c)Micro computer
(d)Super computer

(3)PACE is a super Coputer developed by

(4)In computer parlance what does N in NAS and SAN stand for

(5)In which year was the 1st SMS sent

(6)Which of the following is not a font Style

(7)What is the smallest and largest font size available in font size tool on font toolbar
(a)8and 72
(b)8 and 68
(c)6 and 72
(d)6 and 68

(8)While working with MS-DOC which command transfer a specific file from one disc to another

(9)Which command is used to save file by another name or by another format
(a)save all;
(c)save as

(10)In a computer system which device is functional opposite of a 

ANSWERS-(1)d (2)c (3)b (4)c (5)a )(6)d (7)a (8)a (9)c (10)a


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