HSSC post GK questions
1. Who was awarded with the prestigious Master Deenanath Mangeshkar Award 2015?
 [A]Anil Kapoor 
[B]Sunil Shetty
 [C]Amitabh Bachchan 
[D]Amir Khan

 2. Which state has maximum certified area under organic farming?
[B]Madhya Pradesh 

 3. India and which country finalised a draft pact on coastal shipping, recently? 
[A]Sri Lanka 

4. Which country has been named happiest country in the world as per latest World Happiness Report?

 5. Which movie has won maximum awards at the International Indian Film Awards?
[B]Ek Villain 

 6. Which state has been awarded best e-Panchayat state in 2015 on national Panchayati Raj diwas? 

 7. To which Japanese automobile company, India has become the top global market both in terms of volumes as well as revenues? 

 8. Who is the new chief of United Nations mission to fight Ebola (UNMEER)?
 [A]Peter Jan Graaff 
[B]Ould Cheikh Ahmed 
[C]David Nabarro 
[D]John Davis 

 9. Who was the only U.S President to be awarded a Pulitzer Prize? 
[A]John F. Kennedy 
[B]George W Bush 
[C]Jimmy Carter 
[D]Bill Clinton

10. Recently, India has delivered three Cheetal military choppers to which neighbouring country? 
 [D]Sri Lanka 

ANSWERS-(1)a    (2)b  (3)b (4)c (5)c  (6)c (7)c (8)a (9)a (10)c


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