(1)A man buys a toy for Rs. 25 and sell it for Rs.30.Find his gain % ?

(2)A men bought a cycle for Rs 250.For how much should he sell it So as to gain 10% ?
(a) 270
(d)None of these

(3)A loss of 5% was suffered by selling a plot for Rs 4085. The cost price of the plot was

(4)By selling a chair of Rs.572 ,a man gains 30%.The cost price of the chair is;
(d)None of these

(5)A chair is bought for Rs.750 and sold at a loss of 6% .Find its selling price;
(d)None of these

(6)If a man were to sell his chair for Rs.720,he would loss 25%.To gain 25% he should sell it for;

(7)The smallest number which is divisible 12 ,15,20, and is a perfect square is?
(8)How many numbers between 200 and 600 are dividable by 4, 5, and 6?
(d) 8

(9)The average of first 9 multiple of 3 is :

(10)Find the average of first 200 even numbers.

Ans. (1)a (2)c (3)d (4) c (5)d (6)a (7)b (8)b (9)c (10)d


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