HSSC exam GK questions
1. “Russi Mody” who passed away recently, was a former chairman of ____? 
[A]Tata Steel
 [B]Larsen and Toubro
 [C]ITC Limited 
[D]Bajaj Auto Limited

 2. Which one of the following pair is not correct? 
[A]Boko Haram–Nigeria 
[B]M23–Republic of Congo 
[C]Shining Path–Palestine

 3. Currently, India imports palm oil mainly from which of the following countries? 
[A]China and Japan
 [B]Indonesia and Malaysia 
[C]China and Malaysia 
[D]Japan and Indonesia

 4. Which among the following countries has won the South Asian Basketball Association Championship-2014? 
[D]Sri Lanka 

5. The IBSA Dialogue Forum is an international tripartite grouping for promoting international cooperation among ___? 
[A]India, Bangladesh and South Africa 
[B]Indonesia, Brazil and South America 
[C]India, Brazil and South Africa 
[D]Iran, Bangladesh and South Africa

 6. The MIKT is an acronym referring to the emerging economies of ____? 
[A]Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea and Turkey
 [B]Mexico, India, South Korea and Taiwan 
[C]Morocco, Indonesia, South Korea and Turkey 
[D]Mexico, India, South Korea and Taiwan

 7. “Erythropoietin” is an essential hormone for red cell production is produced by ___? 
[C]Small Intestine
 [D]Large Intestine 

8. Which among the following treaty is associated with establishment of European Union? 
[A]Oslo Treaty
 [B]Treaty of Ottova 
[C]Maastricht Treaty
 [D]Treaty of Moroco 

9. Recently, which among the following countries has released postage stamps to commemorate the 100 years of India Cinema? 
[A]South Africa 

 10. Recently, the World-Anti Doping Agency (WADA) has banned inhalation of which gases after deciding it could be used to enhance athletics performance? 

ANSWERS-(1)a (2)c (3)b (4)b (5)c (6)a (7)b (8)c (9)b (10)a


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