HSSC exam Gk questions
                                         HSSC current affairs questions

(1)Which of the following has been awarded the famous magsaysay Award 2015?
(a)Anshu Gupta
(b)Sanjiv Chaturvedi
(c)Kyaw Thu
(d)All of these

(2)In last week of july 2015 Pakistani terrorist attacked which district of Punjab?

(3)What % of employes provided Funds can be invested in equity shares?
(d)Minimum 5% and Maximum 15%

(4)Which of the following books is an autobiography of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam the ex-President of India?
(a)India 2020
(b)Ignited Minds
(c)Wings of Fire
(d)Turning Points

(5)Priyadarshini Awas Yojana is a scheme of .......state

(6)Which of the following has been declared as National Handlooms Day by Government of India?
(a)August 3
(b)August 7
(c)August 14
(d)August 16

(7)India's biggest telescope "multi applications Solar Telescope  has been installed?

(8)According to Swachh Bharat Survey 2015which of the following cities is most clean city of the India?
(a)New Delhi

(9)Recently banned brand Maggi is owned by
(a)Parle Foods
(b)Nestle India
(c)Pepsico India
(d)Heritage Foods

(10)Alphabet is a parent company of
(b)The Life extension Project
(c)Calico Labs
(d)All of these

ANSWERS-(1)b  (2)b (3)d  (4)b (5)d  (6)b (7)b (8)c (9)b (10)d


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