SSC post current affairs questions

                                                SSC Post GK questions
1. Sharad Joshi, who passed away recently, was related to which of the following fields?

 2. Which of the following organisations has won the 2015 Aegis Graham Bell Award? 
[B]Tata Consultancy Services 

 3. Lasoong festival is celebrated in which of the following states? 
[A]Arunachal Pradesh

 4. Which of the following countries has successfully test fired the nuclear-capable Shaheen-III missile? 
 [B]Saudi Arabia

. 5. Elizabeth Susan Koshy, is related to which of the following sports?

. 6. Who of the following Indian-origin writer has won the prestigious South East Asia Write Award 2015? 
[A]Anita Desai 
[B]Jhumpa Lahiri
 [C]Jamaludeen Mohamed Sali 
[D]Salman Rushide

 . 7. Which of the following states is hosting the 26th conference of the Southern Zonal Council? 
[A]Andhra Pradesh
[D] Telangana

 . 8. Who of the following is the current President and CEO of the World Resources Institute (WRI)? 
[A]Andrew Steer 
[B]James Gustave Speth 
[C]James A. Harmon
 [D]Susan Tierney 

9. On which date, the International Mountain day is observed?
 [A]December 11 
[B]January 5 
[C]November 31 
[D]December 13 

 10. India’s largest National Cancer Institute is set up in which of the following states?
 [A]Andhra Pradesh
[D]West Bengal 

ANSWERS-(1)c (2)a (3)c (4)c (5)d (6)c (7)a (8)a (9)a (10)b


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