SSC post current affairs questions

                                         SSC Post GK questions
1. Who of the following will head the Judicial Committee on One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme?
 [A]Y V Reddy 
[B]L Narasimha Reddy 
[C]Sanjay Mishra 
[D]Wykrhm Reddy

 . 2. What is the mascot of the 2016 South Asian Games?

 3. For what purpose, Operation Smile-II will be launched across India? 
[A]To track missing children 
[B]To eliminate child labour
 [C]To reduce malnutrition in children 
[D]To improve education facilities to children

  . 4. For what purpose, ‘E-Pathshala’ web portal has been launched the Union HRD Ministry? 
[A]To evaluate performance of schools
 [B]To host educational resources for students 
[C]To identify areas of improvements in students 
[D]All of the above

. 5. Which of the following has been presented with the 2015 Asian Tour’s Order of Merit crown? [A]Scott Hend 
[B]Jyoti Randhawa 
[C]Arjun Atwal
 [D]Anirban Lahiri

. 6. Which of the following countries has hosted the International Neutrality Conference? 
[B]Sri Lanka 

7. Who of the following Indians have won the 2016 Queen’s Young Leaders award?
 [A]Ramesh Kapil & Sudha Madhavi 
[B]Ramesh Kapil & Neha Swain
 [C]Kartik Sawhney & Neha Swain 
[D]Kartik Sawhney & Sudha Madhavi 

 . 8. As per the 2015 Human Development Report (HDR), what is the India’s rank in Human Development Index (HDI) for 2014?

 . 9. On which date, the National Energy Conservation Day is observed in India? 
[A]January 11
 [B]December 14 
C]March 15 
[D]June 2.

 10. Which of the following countries has been hit by the powerful Typhoon Melor, recently? 

ANSWERS-(1)b (2)c (3)a (4)b (5)d (6)c (7)c (8)c (9)b (10)c


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