LIC bank post questions

1. Which of the following organisations has extended a 50 million dollar loan for the Nai Manzil project?
 [A]World Bank 
[B]International Monetary Fund
 [C]Asian Development Bank 
[D]United Nations Children’s Fund 

2. Which of the following committees is formed to suggest changes in the Cinematograph act? 
[A]Shyam Benegal Committee 
[B]Nilesh Jha Committee 
[C]Chand Kiran Salooja committee

. 3. Which of the following committees has been set up to review wage structure of Gramin Dak Sevaks?
 [A]N Gopalaswami committee 
[B]Deviprasad Mishra committee
 [C]Ramesh Bharadwaj committee
 [D]Kamlesh Chandra Committee 

4. Which of the following projects has won the 2015 eASIA Award? 
[A]DAVA project
 [B]PRAGATI project 
[C]Mangalyaan Project
 [D]Nai Manzil project 

. 5. Which of the following space agencies has suspended the 2016 InSight Mars mission? 

. 6. Ian Murdock, who passed away recently, was the founder of which open-source project? 
 [C]Debian Linux
 [D]Mozilla Firefox 

 7. Who of the following has been named BCCI Cricketer of the Year 2015? 
[A]Rohit Sharma 
[B]Ravichandran Ashwin
 [C]Virat Kohli
 [D]Mahendra Singh Dhoni 

 8. Who of the following has been conferred with 2015 Sangita Kalanidhi award?
 [A]Sudha Ragunathan 
[B]Trichur Ramachandran 
[C]Sanjay Subrahmanyam 
[D]T V Gopalakrishnan 

 9. Who of the following has been selected for Kerala Tourism’s Nishagandhi Puraskaram 2016? 
[A]Mallika Sarabhai
 [B]Shovana Narayan 
 [D]Yamini Krishnamurt

 . 10. How many countries are members of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)? 

ANSWERS-(1)a (2)a (3)d (4)a (5)b (6)c (7)c (8)c (9)c (10)b


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