CDS exam current affairs questions

                                            CDS post GK questions
(1)Glucose react with acetic anhydride to form

(2)The number of Chiral carbon in bita-D(+)glucose is

(3)Glucose react with excess of phenylhydrazine and forms
(b)Glucose phenylhydrazone
(c)glucose oxine

(4)Which of the following can possibly be used as an analgesic without causing addictions
(b)N-Acetyle-para aminophenol
(d)None of these

(5)Which of the following ia a polymer of three different monomers

(6)Which type of intraction are directly involved in maintaining tertiary structure
(a)Disulphide bond
(b)Hydrogen bond
(c)Peptide bond
(d)Hydrophobic intractions

(7)Among the following chain transfer reagent are
(a)Carbon tetrachloride
(b)Benzoyl peroxide
(d)carbon tetrabromide

(8)The principal involved in column chromatography is

(9)Cirus method is used to calculate %tage of ............. in organic compound

(10)Hydration of alkene take place in
(a)acidic medium
(b)basic medium
(c)both a and b
(d)none of these

ANSWERS-(1)c (2)a (3)a (4)b (5)a (6)a,b.d (7)a,d (8)a  (9)c (10)


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