SSC exam questions

(1)Which among the following state was forced to merge itself with the union of India after 1947?

(2)When the price of a substitute of commodity X falls the demand for X 
(c)remain unchanged
(d)any of these

(3)Which of the following is not the instrument of fiscal policy
(a)bank rate
(b)government expenditure
(d)licence fee

(4)Who discovered the art of making paper in 2nd centuary B.C.

(5)Sindh was occupied by English in

(6)Who among the European powers provided cannons to Shivaji

(7)V.I. Lenin is associated with
(a)Russian Revolution of 1917
(b)Chinese revolution of 1949
(c)German revolution
(d)French revolution

(8)Who esteblished the Chisthi order in India
(a)Nizammudin Aulia
(b)Salim Chishti
(c)Shaikh Moinuddin Chishthi
(d)Halimuddin Nagauri

(9)Who wrote the Humayun Namah
(a)Gulbadan Begum
(b)Mumtaz Mahal
(c)Jahanara Begum
(d)Roshnara Begum

(10)Of the following Rabi crop is

ANSWERS-(1)a(2)b(3)d(4)a (5)d (6)a  (7)a (8)c (9)a   (10)a


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