NDA exam physics questions

(1)If a glass rod is rubbed with silk it acquire a positive charge because
(a)Protons are added to it
(b)Protons are removed from it
(c)electrons are added to it
(d)electrons are removed from it

(2)Which one of the following is the unit of electric charge

(3)When the distance between two charged particle is half the force between them becomes
(a)One forth
(b)one half
(d)Four times

(4)An electric  field can deflect
(d)gamma particles

(5)A surface enclosed an electric dipole the flux through the surface is

(6)The ratio of electric field due to an electric dipole on its axis and on perpendicular bisector of dipole is

(7)If the distance between two electron is decrease then potential energy of system is
(c)become 0
(d)remain unchanged

(8)If an electric dipole is kept in a non-uniform electric field then it will experience
(a)only torque
(b)no torque
(c)a resultant fource and torque
(d)only a force

(9)The electric field out of hollow sphere is 5N/C, then electric field at centre is
(b)greater than 5N/C
(c)less then 5N/c

(10)An electric dipole in a uniform electric field experiences
(a)force and torque both
(b)force but no torque
(c)torque but no force
(d)no force and no torque

ANSWERS-(1)d  (2)a (3)d (4)c (5)d (6)b (7)b (8)c  (9)a  (10)c


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