CDS exam questions
(1)Which of the following experssion represent a farad

(2)No current flow between 2 charged bodies when connected together if they have
(a)same charge
(b)same capacitance
(c)same potential
(d)none of these

(3)The capacitance of a parallel plate condensor does not depend on
(a)distance between plate
(b)area of plate
(c)medium between plate
(d)metal of plates

(4)Current in a conductor is due to
(a)motion of free electron in it
(b)motion of positive ions
(c)free electrons and holes

(5)When the temperature of metallic conductor is increased its resistance 
(c)may increase or decrease
(d)remain same  

(6)When a current of 2A flows in a wire.Energy of 80J is produced in 10sec.Then the resistance of wire in ohm is

(7)The resistance of wire is R ohm. The wire is stretched to four times its length.The resistance of wire will now be

(8)Kirchoff current law is the law of conservation of
(d)angular momentum

(9)The best instrument for accurate measurement of e.m.f. of a cell is
(d)wheatstone bridge

(10)Which one of the following quantity cannot be measured with help of potentiometer 
(a)e,m,f, of a cell
(d)self inductance

ANSWERS-(1)c (2)c (3)d (4)a (5)b  (6)b (7)d (8)c  (9)c  (10)d


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